New Release Of RavelNotes Early 2019

Thank you for using RavelNotes! Pleased to let you know that I am currently working on a new release with greatly enhanced features. It is already possible to play with RavelNotes on internal iPad MIDI synthesizer apps like iMini, Sunrizer, iProphet etc. In the coming version, it will be possible to play on external MIDI devices like keyboards and synthesizers as well. Also new: “cycledrones” will be there: simply drag your notes and chords into these sequencer drones, which you can play just as any other notedrone. Especially the latter opens many possibilities. Ergonomics will also be improved, which should make it easier to use the app. More details will be revealed later. I estimate the new version will probably will be released early 2019. Please note that for an indie developer like me this this a lot of work. It includes not only programming but also graphics & design (it’s of course impossible to suit everyone’s taste here), writing a decent user manual, promoting etc. I really enjoy doing all this, but of course the release turn around time is a bit longer. I will try as long as possible to keep the app deployable on older iPads, going as far back as iOS 9.3.  Note, however that with these older iPads there are some performance limitations — e.g.  playing custom chords with more than 30 individual notes simultaneously — might put these older devices to their limits, but all functionality will be still possible on older iPads. I did not built any restrictions into RavelNotes, so it’s just a matter of trying where the limits are. I do however recommend as a minimum the iPad Air. I am also considering localizing in several languages, but this will have to wait: I have my limitations. Later.

Thank you for reading!

Kind Regards


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